Production capacity of 30 million plantlets per annum, facility spread over 20 hectares,  Class 10000 aseptic transfer rooms accommodating 80 laminar Air Flow (LAF) work stations, 16 growth rooms with excellent automatic control of aseptic conditions and physical parameters, modern and high-quality machines and instruments.

Welcome to IshVed

IshVed Group of Companies, Founded in 2014 is a privately owned agribusiness headquartered in Maharashtra, India. IshVed operates in Plant Tissue Culture, Vegetable & Crop Seeds, Organic Biofertilizer, Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Exports, Food Processing & Corporate Farming.

IshVed Group is one of the largest agri-business companies in India. ​We aim at providing customers, all around the globe, the latest agricultural production and the technical know-how to increase productivity and income. IshVed Group has spread its business in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

Our Vision

We believe and continue to believe in sustainable growth of our planet, and would like to contribute in agriculture progress by delivering best in class planting materials and technical knowledge to farming communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich and satisfy farmers through the world best genetics to improve their income in a sustainable manner. Women's empowerment & providing employment to rural families.

Our Strength


Social Responsibility

Women Empowerment

Apart from commercial activity, IshVed always tries to give  back to the society. Rural women are trained and certified through a structured training program and employed by various Ishved Group of companies. Today, we have a strong team of women who are equally contributing in the growth of the company. We have a well thought reservation system that has been designed to create women employment 
  • 90% employment is given to only women, which includes 10% reservation for widow women and 5% reservation for physically challenged women
  • 10% reservation for family members of the farmer suicide cases.

Rural Development

  • The role of agriculture in rural development is very important.
  • It is an effective instrument for poverty reduction and food security, particularly in rural communities of developing countries where large numbers of poor people are concentrated.
  • However, the emerging tree crops present enormous opportunities for income generation and food security for small-scale farmers.
  • The small-scale farming presents the economic, market and health potentiality to contribute to a viable and sustainable rural economy through internal markets thereby reducing levels of poverty and malnutrition.
  • This sector needs to be supported by both the private and public sectors, irrespective of whether the crop is consumed, traded domestically or exported.
  • Increasing the capacity of production and trade will enable small-scale farmers and vendors to gain greater income from this sector.

Our Clientele

IshVed News

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