Lab Facility

Our solitary presence in biotechnology goes hand-in-hand with our state of the art production capacity and world class facilities. Our facility is spread over 20 hectares duly equipped with modern, high quality machines and instruments with a production capacity of producing 30 million plantlets per annum. We have Class 10000 aseptic inoculation rooms accommodating 80 laminar Air Flow (LAF) work stations and 16 growth rooms that accommodate 4.2 million culture under excellent automatic control of aseptic conditions and physical parameters.

Our integrated production management of more than 65 varieties of plants is a class by itself.  We have adopted technologies like ERP system for the better production management.

Our remarkable facility includes-


We have two Class 100000 sterility, positive pressure maintained inoculation theatres​having 80 laminar air flow units to accommodate 160 operators.

160 highly trained technicians carry out micro-propagation processes with utmost care and precision.

Research and Development

At IshVed Biotech, R&D is a classified unit, staffed by proficient scientists for developing new products. We have 7000 sq. ft. facility with modern instrumentations and networking support only for Research and Development. All molecular biology tools for recurrent quality analysis and product development are available. Molecular tools that are most widely accepted over the globe are our scientific affirmations to our quality and disease-free planting material. This dogma of our expertise is one of the basic reasons for all the accreditations we have received on international level. We have hosted diversified researchers in our Research and Development wing with an objective of adding novel traits in some selected plants to raise exceptional plant varieties. We at IshVed Biotech always believe in evolving through innovations and the quest to come up with nothing but the best is something that keeps us stay well ahead of the industry.

Research Divisions:
1. Molecular Genetics and Plant Breeding
2. Virology
3. Nano-Plant Tissue Culture