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At IshVed Biotech R&D is a classified unit, being staffed by proficient scientists for directly developing new products. We have 7000 sq. ft. constructed facilities with recent requirements of instruments and networking supports only for Research and Development. All Molecular Biology Tools for recurrent Quality analysis and product development is available. DNA based Molecular tools that are most widely accepted over the globe, are our scientific affirmations to our quality and disease free planting material. This dogma of our expertise is a reason for all the accreditations we received on international level. We have hosted diversified researchers in our Research and Development wing with an objective of adding novel traits in some selected plants to raise exceptional plant varieties.

We shall always nurture our Business Policies without any parleying. However, we are abided to utilize our potential to serve the society with prime focus on sustenance of ecology and business

Research Divisions:
1. Molecular Genetics and Plant Breeding
2. Virology
3. Nano-Plant Tissue Culture