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Nagpur seedless is one of the best mandarins in the world. India is the third largest producer of oranges in the world after the US, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Mrig Crop (monsoon blossom) which matures in February- March has great potential for export since arrivals of mandarin fruit in the international market are very less during this period.

Selection of desired quality fruit as per specific market demand and careful post-harvest handling to retain most of natural qualities and freshness plays a key role in expanding exports of Nagpur seedless (Santra).

Traditionally grown seedlings are considered to be more susceptible for diseases and pests also have a less resistant capacity. Therefore it is best to plant the strong, same age group and genetically similar plants.

Characteristics of Ishved Orange Plants:

  • Among the Oranges in Maharashtra, Nagpur seedless Orange is famous for its unique taste in the world.
  • This fruit is good for fruit processing as the fruit pulp juice is high.
  • Its demand and price are high in the market.
  • These fruits are generally larger and more attractive than other varieties.
  • As the immune power is high, the incidence of pest is reduced.
  • This variety can withstand water stress
  • Each tree has flowering and fruit bearing.
  • The shape of the fruit and the color of the pulp are very attractive.
  • Most preferred in the international market.
  • Has the ability to store longer days.
  • The seedlings are the same age, so the fruiting occurs at the same time.
  • Harvesting begins from the fourth year after planting.
  • Average production is about 500- 600 fruits per tree after stabilization .


Nagpur seedless:

  • Fruit Size…………... 200 Gms To 300 Gms
  • Spacing…………….. 20 ft x 10 ft (6m x 3 m)
  • Planting Time…… June to December
  • Plants Per Acre…. 225 Plants
  • Yield Start…………. From 4th Year
  • Yield per Plant….. 45 to 50 Kg per tree (on 4th Year)