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Lab Facility

Our solitary presence in this technology goes with our production capacity due to state of the art, world class facilities. Production capacity of 30 million plantlets per annum is doable at the laboratory facility spread over 20 hectares duly equipped with modern, high quality machines and instruments.
We have Class 10000 aseptic transfer rooms accommodating 80 laminar Air Flow (LAF) work stations and 16 growth rooms with excellent automatic control of aseptic conditions and physical parameters.
Our integrated production management of more than 65 varieties of plants is in a class by itself. We have adopted tools of information technology for the better and proper production management employing integrated ERP system.

Our remarkable facility includes-

  • 16 fully-monitored growth rooms that can hold 4.2 million plants at any given time.
  • Over 300 highly trained technicians those carry out the multi-stage cloning and propagation processes with utmost care.
  • Built-in safeguards to ensure that plants receive 100% sterile environment to prevent infection.
  • Completely controlled greenhouses spread over 10 hectares with a state-of-the-art fertigation system to produce top quality plants post in-vitro production.
  • Integrated ERP system to ensure faultless precision regarding production and management.
  • Cold storage units, temperature-controlled vans and world-class logistic facilities to enable precise scheduling for safe and timely supply.


High temperatures are likely to lead to dis¬sociation of the culture medium and tissue damage while at very low temperatures tissue growth is slow. Again some tissues grow well in dark while others need both light and dark conditions. Low humidity causes the quick desiccation of culture medium and high humidity is favorable for the contamination of culture medium. Therefore, cultures are incubated in a culture room where light, temperature and humidity are con¬trolled.
We have two 100000 Sterility class Positive Pressure maintained inoculation theatre having 80 Laminar Air Flow units to accommodate 160 operators.
This facilitates the remarkable production up to 10000 Bottles/day to 25000 Bottles/day.


(Capacity to Sterilize 20000 Culture Bottles and 1000 Liters of medium per day).
The culture medium, especially when it contains sugar, will also support the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi etc. So if they come in contact with medium either in cellular form or in spore form, the micro-organisms grow faster than the higher plant tissue due to their brief life cycle and will kill the tissue. The micro-organisms may come from glass vials, instruments, nutrient medium used for culture and even from plant material itself. Therefore, the surface of plant tissue and all non-living articles including nutrient medium should be sterilized.
Plant material which is to be cultured, should be sur¬face sterilized to remove the surface borne microorganisms. .


Our inoculated culture gets proper caring under Four growth rooms having capacity to accommodate 7,00,000 culture bottles at any time of consideration within a year.
Our growth rooms have provision to maintain all physical factors on automatic functioning.
We ascertain all the epigenetic control during in vitro growth of each single culture to overcome the promise for genetically uniform plants.


Proper hardening facility decides the quality of the tissue culture raised plants. We have state of the art facility (international grade) for both Primary and Secondary Hardening of plants.
Majority of the functioning is practiced thorough atomization technology of culture transfer, irrigation, fertilization and Pest management