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Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

According to an old Egyptian saying "A date palm is the only creation of God that resembles man. Unlike other trees, a date palm gives more as it grows older."

Date palms are highly valued because they provide abundant food in a very harsh place.

Egypt is the largest producer of dates followed by Iran, Algeria ,Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Date Palm growing areas: Gujarat (Kutch); Rajasthan, Punjab, TN & Maharashtra.

Huge demand: India is biggest importer of dates +250 000 Mt/year . There is a huge scope to cultivate Date palm in India to meet the huge

Why Date Palm cultivation in India :

  • Date palm has ability to withstand in harsh agro-climatic condition
  • Cultivated in arid and semi arid geographies with long and hot summer.
  • Date can grow in wide variety of soils types.
  • Very low water requirement with low relative humidity during ripening.
  • Adaptable to extremely high temperature (± 56°C) as well as low temperature.
  • Game changer for drought prone area.
  • Support to farmer economy: Date will help farmers to get additional income per acre.
  • Soil improvement: Cultivation enhances microbial development in the soil, which improve soil texture. Huge scope conversion on arid and semi-arid areas.
  • Rural employment: Generate employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • Ensure food and nutrition security of the country

Why IshVed Biotech Tissue Culture Plants:

  • Bottlenecks in seed and offshoot propagations: - Date palm is dioecious plant producing 50% female plants through seed propagation. - Low field survival rate from offshoot progeny (<35%)
  • High genetic purity: Tissue culture propagation produces 100% true to type progenies.
  • Disease free healthy plants: Ensure high quality disease and viruses free planting material, which enhance the yield potential.
  • Uniformity The tissue culture plants are very uniform and give excellent uniform plantations.
  • High Yield and quality : Vigorous disease free plants produces high quality fruits compared to traditional propagated plats/li>
  • Early fruiting Tissue cultured trees mature rapidly and start to give commercial yields in the 4th year after planting, thus permitting rapid realization of the planting investment.
  • Technology Developed At IshVed USA Center with collaboration Of Israel and USA


There are about 1000 known varieties of date palms. However, 4 varieties form about 50% of the total production world-wide.
Ishved Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the production of 4 varieties of tissue culture raised date palms though it has the capability to produce other varieties; this is to ensure that the production is in sync with the market demand. The Company supplies Barhee, Khalas, Khanezi and Medjool as they are the most sought after varieties in the world.



Originally from Iraq.



Originally from Saudi Arabia.



Originally from Oman.



Originally from Morocco.