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Custard Apple

Custard Apple (Annona squamosa) is one of the finest fruits introduced in India from tropical America. Custard Apple is a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree. It is also found in wild form in many parts of India. It is cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, and Tamil Nadu. Besides India, it is common in China, Philippines, Egypt and Central Africa.

It is very hardy, medium in growth and deciduous in nature. The fruits are generally used as fresh, while some products or mixed fruits like custard powders ice-creams are prepared from the fruits. Besides high nutritive value, it has also a high medicinal value. Unripe fruits, seeds, leaves and roots are considered and used in medicinal preparations.

Characteristics of Ishved Custard Apple Plants:

  • This fruit is good for fruit processing as the fruit pulp are high.
  • Its demand and price are high in the market.
  • These fruits are generally larger and more attractive than other varieties.
  • As the immune power is high, the incidence of pest is reduced.
  • This variety can withstand water stress.
  • Each tree has flowering and fruit bearing.
  • The shape of the fruit and the color of the pulp are very attractive.
  • Most preferred in the international market.
  • Has the ability to store longer days.
  • The seedlings are the same age, so the fruiting occurs at the same time.
  • Harvesting begins from the third year after planting.
  • At least 20 to 25 kg of fruit per tree is maintained.


Balanagar :

  • Fruit Size …………..200 Gm To 500 Gm*
  • Spacing…………12 Ft X 8 Ft (3.6 M X 2.4 M)
  • Planting Time…….July To December
  • Plants per Acre…..555 Plants
  • Yield Start………….From 3rd year
  • Yield Per Plant….. 09 to 13 Kg (3rd Year)

* Note - Due to the variety of regional climates and other natural resources, the effectiveness of these recommendations may vary.