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Tissue Culture Banana

  • Banana is the second largest fruit crop in the world. Banana is a globally important fruit crop with 97.5 million tons of production.

  • Banana is one of the major and economically important fruit Crop of India. India is the largest producer of Bananas with around 30 million tonnes of production annually.

  • India ranks first in terms of area and production with sharing about 17% of global production. Banana contributes 37% to total fruit production in India.

  • The banana crop is being propagated by vegetative method such as suckers.

  • The banana mother plant material used in Tissue culture method is from area that have recorded disease free cropping for many years. In the clonal selection process of tissue culture, healthy, high yielding, quality, and vigorous donor banana plants , surface sterilized & inoculated to on artificial nutrient media. Due to rapid cell division in the meristem region, it is devoid of systemic microbes, especially virus & viroids or pathogens.

  • The initiated tissue will be disease -free and in a controlled environment of a laboratory which can be multiplied several folds to obtain the required number of each banana variety depending upon the market demand. The controlled condition include major factors like temperature, light intensity, light duration and humidity etc. Subsequently , the rooted banana tissue saplings are released from the laboratory to a climate controlled environments such as greenhouse for acclimatization.

  • This requires 45 days to complete the primary hardening process. The hardened plantlets of banana will have 4 to 5 leaves and well-developed root system at the end of the period. Secondary hardening of plants are also hardened for 45 days in controlled environments such as shade net houses.

  • Banana plants produced from Tissue culture technology are high yielding of true to type and can have uniform superior clones of different varieties available in large numbers throughout the year

Why Should we do farming of IshVed Banana?

  • Mother Source is from renowned and authentic brand on global level i.e., Genosar Agro, Israel.
  • The variety is high yielding compared to conventional planting material and suits the weather conditions of India.
  • Fruits fetches highest demand and rate in the market as compared to other local varieties.
  • IshVed Banana’s are Proven, Authenticated and tested for Genetic Fidelity and Virus indexing.
  • High Yielding Two Ratoon Crops are Possible.


Grand Naine (G-9)

Most is famous all over the world by the name of Dwarf Cavendish or Grand Nine, due to high yields. Growing faster than normal bananas and having early flowering capacity and also sustains in moderately fine soils.
  • Avg. Bunch Weight…...25-45 Kg*.
  • Avg. No. of Hands…… 8-14
  • Avg. Height of Plant…..8-9 feet
  • Avg. Fruit Length………12-16 cm


Grand Grand Naine (GG-9)

It is advanced variety of Banana, Export-quality bananas, Most suited for high density plantations, Stand strong in changing climatic situations,Very high yields (large number of hands with long fingers and high bunch weight)
  • Avg. Bunch Weight……30-50 Kg*.
  • Avg. No. of Hands…..... 8-14
  • Avg. Height of Plant……9-11 feet
  • Avg. Fruit Length……. ..14-18 cm

*Note-Bunch Weight varies as per agro- climatic conditions and farmers Practices.