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  • Bamboo is actually a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world with hollow circular stems and varieties growing up to 100 feet tall.

  • Bamboo is one of the commercially cultivated crop in India.

  • India is a second largest producer of bamboo next to China in the world.

  • Bamboos are versatile, perennial, and non-wood forest trees, widely-used renewable resource with tremendous eco-sociological and commercial importance. Large‐scale propagation of bamboos is difficult because of their peculiar flowering behavior only at very long intervals, and sterility in some species. Different propagation techniques are available for bamboo, such as seed propagation, clump division, rhizome and Culm cuttings, but these classical techniques suffer from serious drawbacks for large or mass scale propagation. For mass scale propagation, these are largely insufficient and inefficient therefore Micro propagation via tissue culture technique is the only viable method. Indeed, the order of magnitude of the demand for bamboo planting material indicates that Tissue culture will inevitably be necessary for mass scale propagation.

  • We at Ishved Biotech Pvt. Ltd. have taken a step to overcome this situation. To supply quality bamboo seedlings to meet this large scale demand on a regular basis.


Bambusa Balcooa

Local Name: Bhima, Bhaluka, Boro bans,
Wamna,Beru, Barak,Leewa.
Height: 15 - 30 m
Diameter: 8- 15 cm
Internodes Length: 20-45 cm
Wall Thickness: 1.9 - 2.5 cm
Flowering Cycle : 30 - 45 Years
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or5 x 6 m
Use: High biomass production
( Ethanol, BIO-CNG) potential,
Pulp & Paper, Construction,
ladders, furniture, handicraft-
Products, charcoal and energy,
Very strong structural Bamboo,
Agarbatti, house hold articles,
Edible shoots, etc.


Dendrocalamus Brandisii

Local Name: Bulka, Wanan, brandisii.
Height: 19 -33 m
Diameter: 13 - 20 cm
Internodes Length: 30- 38 cm
Wall Thickness: Thick
Flowering Cycle : 40 - 45 Years
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 7 m
Use: House building, BIO-CNG, ,
Furniture, handicraft Baskets and
Decorative items, shoots are
edible, etc


Dendrocalamus Asper

Local Name: Sweet Bamboo, Asper
Height: 20 - 30 m
Diameter: 8 - 20 cm
Internodes Length: 40- 50cm
Wall Thickness: 1-2 cm
Flowering Cycle : 100 Years
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 7 m
Use: Very strong Poles, Pulp & Paper,
BIO-CNG, Ply board, Construction,
furniture, basketry And handicrafts;
excellent shoots fodder,
Shoots are edible,
musical instruments, etc


Bambusa nutans

Local Name: Mala Bans, Mokal, Malla, Makla,
Kali, Badia bans, Uttang,
Height: 10 - 20 m
Diameter: 5 - 10 cm
Internodes Length: 25- 45cm
Wall Thickness: 1- 1.5 cm
Flowering Cycle : 35 Years
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 6 m
Use: Poles, Paper, Construction, Ethanol ,
BIO-CNG, Ply board, Landscaping
agriculture implements And
house hold items, Craft activities
including the art of basketry etc.


Bambusa Vulgaris (green)

Local Name: Sundar bans, Basini bans, Bakal,
Lam sameibi, Vairua, Sundrogi,
Height: 7 - 20 m
Diameter: 5 - 10 cm
Internodes Length: 30- 45cm
Wall Thickness: 0.7- 1.5 cm
Flowering Cycle : 80 years flowering reported and
no seed set.
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 5 m
Use: Construction, pulp ,paper, scaffolding,
Basketry and handicrafts, edible,
leaves used in Medicine, fencing,
musical Instruments,
hunting or fishing apparatus,
Lightening and fuel,
low cost application, etc.


Bambusa Tulda

Local Name: Deobans, Peka, Jati, Kiranti, Wati,
Makar, Mirtinga, Rowthing,
Height: 15 - 20 m
Diameter: 5 - 10 cm
Internodes Length: 40 -70cm (Long Internodes)
Wall Thickness: 0.8- 1.5 cm
Flowering Cycle : 30 - 60 years.
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 6 m
Use: Construction, Wind break, Pulp,
paper, Furniture, mats and
handicrafts, Incense lamp
(Agarbatti sticks), agriculture
implements, edible shoots,
leaves used in medicine, etc.


Dendrocalamus Stocksii

Local Name: Mandka - Chivarka, Konda,
Oar-shema, Uyi,Chivari,Mes.
Height: 10 - 20 m
Diameter: 5 - 8 cm
Internodes Length: 15 - 30cm
Wall Thickness: Solid
Flowering Cycle : 40 - 45 year
Plant Spacing: 12 ft x 8 ft (3.6 m x2.4 m) or 5 x 5 m
Use: : Construction, furniture, basketry,
agarbatti sticks, handicrafts,
edible shoots, pulp ,paper,
agriculture implements,
musical instruments,
Container ,etc.

* Note - Due to the variety of regional climates and other natural resources, the effectiveness of these recommendations may vary.